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Pink Champagne… A girlie touch!

Esse final de semana nós resolvemos celebrar o aniversário de uma grande amiga com uma boa festinha surpresa e ao mesmo tempo “inaugurar” a temporada de verão na casa dos Jacobsons. :)
Ultimamente tenho pensado muito no que realmente torna a nossa vida incrível. Nas pequenas coisas que me faz feliz. Nos pequenos e grandes momentos. Na família. Nos verdadeiros amigos. Na nossa paz interior.
A vida é curta e as opções são 2.. Complicar ou descomplicar.
Resolvi descomplicar. Let’s all be happy! Life is short!

This past weekend we decided to celebrate the birthday of a dear friend with a big surprise party. We also took the opportunity to “inaugurate” Summer at the Jacobson’s house. :)
Lately I’ve been thinking about what really makes life amazing such as the little things that makes life worth living. Life is a worderful gift that gives us the opportunity to share memorable moments with our families and true friends.
Life is our inner peace and it is short.
We have two options…We can make it easy or difficult.
I’ve decided to make it simple. Let’s all be happy!! Life is short!

Keeping it Zen!

I love white Tulips



Bday wishes for the bday girl!


Sim, a vida pode ser linda!! E rosa!! ;-)
Yes, life can be beautiful!! And pink!! ;-)

Bjkas Mil!!!

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  1. Manoela on 02 Jul 2012

    To com vc nessa miga!!!!! Life can be beautiful and pink!!!!!!! Love you tons <3

    • FromRiotoLA on 03 Jul 2012

      Love you more, Miga!!Bjkaaaaaas

  2. Ariane Lopes on 02 Jul 2012

    Adorei! Bjs, saudades : )

    • FromRiotoLA on 03 Jul 2012

      Muito Obrigada!!! Saudades mil!!!!

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